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Hello. Welcome to FirstBase Software.

Unix/Linux Expertise On Demand

FirstBase Software provides Unix experts, solutions to Unix problems, freelance and contract Unix/C/shell/Java programmers, generalized Unix consulting, and web design and web hosting with a focus on database to web connectivity.

  • Convert a legacy C application to use an easy web interface.
  • Create a custom website that accepts credit cards and checks online.
  • Set up a merchant account and/or a transaction gateway service.
  • Secure a machine connected to the internet.
  • Install a web server, email server, or firewall.

We speak many of the 50+ Unix variations, including Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, Linux, BSD/OS, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, and AIX. We are Unix experts for hire.

Security, data flow, disk maintenance, script writing, system initialization, upgrade orchestration, communication, application porting, and software tools (like Unix style editors, macro processors, and email readers and agents) are just a few of our expert areas.

We specialize in data structures and databases, database to HTML filters, and custom web-database interfaces. We design, develop and deploy applications. Web based or local network based. Bottom line contracts or hourly, including support on demand. We provide outsource services for any size Unix project.

Purchase the expert time you need when you need it: $125 per hour for high end Unix expertise and programming. Prepaid, bottom line, and package rates are also available.

Visa and Mastercard accepted. We are located in Tucson, Arizona and provide on-site support most anywhere in Southern Arizona, including Tucson, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Sierra Vista, and Fort Huachuca.

Cloud Computing Expertise

Cloud computing is now a reality using EC2 services from Amazon. FirstBase Software can provide expert design and implementation of needed resources using pay-by-the-hour computers located in the cloud.

Use cloud computing resources to increase the number of CPUs in busy times, releasing the resources when they are not needed. Or merely backup priceless data into the cloud, automatically, for pennies per day.

Complete Open Source RDBMS

The FirstBase RDBMS and Application Builder consists of a large set of end user programs designed to create, manipulate, scan, organize, view, and format relational database and database systems under standard Unix environments. Full source code is freely available.

These tools are used to produce and maintain information tracking applications and systems of data based on relational databases while still maintaining the flexibility of Unix software tools.

FirstBase is a mature RDBMS product that was first commercially available in 1984. Although it is now freely available via an open source license, we continue to maintain and upgrade our beloved database application builder.

Our Unix data solutions often use FirstBase to input, store, and retrieve data, and as the glue between web pages and databases (without any other shell or perl scripts). In addition, we use one of the FirstBase tools (dbmacro) to parse all manner of incoming data to produce databases, reports, or pure HTML.

The Open Source release of the FirstBase RDBMS suite is now
automatically configurable on most any Unix system.

Unix. Programming, Consulting & Services

Check our portfolio for samples of projects that we have completed for various clients. Then, contact us for a quote at (520) 742-7897, or send email to support at


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